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About / Milton Keynes

The Continio story...

Established in 2009 as a social networking application, Continio provided a user area similar to that of Facebook. However, Continio allowed you to customise your profile, allowing you to change themes and decide what is shown on your profile. Continio was shut down in 2010 due to other commitments.

The domain was still ours though, and we didn't want it to go to anyone else - call us greedy!

After the domain was left dormant, growing cob webs, for some time we decided to set up Continio Web Development. We wanted a future in web development so we decided to provide our services to others.

In 2011, Charlie (lead developer) joined the Young Enterprise Company Programme as I.T. Director for the company Scrap That. He developed the company's web site and through it was scouted by World Skills UK and entered for a shortlisting competition for the 42nd World Skills Competition in Leipzig 2013.

Charlie's World Skills journey...

After getting through the shortlisting competition, his industry level training began. He was trained by then Nuneaton based company, Ridgeon Network. This involved him travelling two days a week to Nuneaton by train.

This training led to him participating in the Squad Selection event, where World Skills UK competitors compete in their skills to see who would get through to potentially compete in the Team Selection event. He got through and was now part of SquadUK.

Unfortunately during his training for the Team Selection event, Charlie made the decision not to aim for Leipzig 2013 as the competition would take place very close to his A-Level exams. Instead the decision was made to not go any further in this round, but as he is young enough, he will go through the stages again for the next competition, Sao Paulo in Brazil 2015.

Our Knowledge...

We are computer science students currently at sixth form or college. We are passionate about computing and the Internet and would consider ourselves to have quite a wide knowledge of the field.

However, we can't know everything (we're not robots). If we don't know how to solve your problem off the top of our heads, we will go out of our way to find a solution. Trust us.

What we do...


Web Design

A common misconception is that web design is web development, in reality these can be two completely different things.

At Continio, web design counts as one or more (depending on the site you want) Photoshop or Illustrator concept designs and a pure HTML & CSS web site.

Web Development

We develop web sites using mainly HTML, CSS and PHP. The version of HTML we use is entirely up to you, but we prefer HTML5.

We aim to develop our applications as quickly and efficiently as possible. We write code so that it can be re-used, speeding up the development process whilst keeping the application speedy. We know people hate waiting for things to get done!


Whether you want to rebrand or simply build a brand, we can help.

We can give advice on what you should do and produce corporate identity samples that you can use.

Graphic Design

We have the latest graphic design softwares and have a good eye for design. We can produce what ever graphics you feel you require.

Get in touch...

If you are interested in our services, please do not hesitate to contact us for a FREE consultation.